At House of Praise we believe that everyone is important to God. Our people groups are a family within a family, that helps to integrate you within the body of Christ. Once in a group, there are countless activities, events and initiatives throughout the year, that allows you to utilize your gifts.


Genesis (0-6 Years)

Our KT classes create an atmosphere that is warm and exciting for your loved ones. There is a non stop supply of activities that keep your little ones engaged, but also infuses little doses of gospel stories into them.


Legacy (7 – 12 years)

This is where the party begins for our “not so little ones”. We understand that these formative years are very important in helping to shape them into godly children, so we make sure that even in the midst of their fun, they still get introduced to God in an easy to understand way.


Millenials (13 – 19 years)

Our youths are vibrant, enthusiastic and alive and you can see them in their element during their meetings. They get to experience God’s love and purpose for their lives in a very down to earth manner and they in turn, express this by standing out daily in their schools and colleges.


S3 – Single, Saved, Sanctified

It’s all about Keepin’ it Real whilst being single, sassy, satisfied and whole. This is our fellowship for the single men and women, helping them discover and fulfill their God given purpose and prepare them for the next phase of their lives.


Blazers (Men’s Fellowship)

Our men’s fellowship is bold, brawny and effective as our men get together to inspire, encourage and challenge each other to be the best men God would have them be in all areas of their lives. Developing and equipping the man after God’s heart is our watch word


Rubies (Women’s Fellowship)

Every woman in our Church belongs to the fellowship of the Sisterhood. We just don’t sit around and make babies or cheer our men on, we get down right to it and take big strides in making a great impact in our homes, work, businesses and communities.


SALT – Elders Club (Over 50s Club)

Who says turning 50 is an old thing? Our elders are fit, relevant and creating waves even in their age. They also are a wealth of wisdom and knowledge and serve as mentors to the younger generation.